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Life with Ultimate Pear Ep 4

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In this Episode 4 you will spend a full hour with the beautiful Ultimate Pear. Thank you all for the many kind emails, I'm so glad your enjoying our SSBBW Reality show . I'm hearing from many that it is hard waiting the 30 days for the next episode. I'm so happy that you all are loving the show, and there's so much more to come, I wont let you down! This action filled episode has her cooking and then eating the meal she prepares. You will see her cleaning her house, trying on clothes that are to small, she cant get the pants up past her big gorgeous hips. She plays a game in just her panties and everything is jiggling and shaking. She also lays on her bed and spreads her legs so wide to let her friend deep inside of her! There's Anal, Oral, doggie style so many different positions. So make room on your shelf, Episode 4 is here and its a must have clip. 60:23 Mins Size: 2:18 GB

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